“Foremen come saying we need new machines, or people. I look at the back records in the IMPROVE iT! system and there’s nothing to discuss. The system clearly assesses whether or not we need to increase our staff or machinery.”
Jaroslav Jírovec
executive, Schwan Cosmetics CR
“Thanks to the IMPROVE iT! system the management cycle is cut from weeks and months to a matter of hours and minutes.”
Martin Smolík
manager, Schwan Cosmetics CR
“IMPROVE iT! increased our work productivity very soon after it was deployed.”
Petr Mohelník
manufacturing director, Ferrit s.r.o.
“After six months of using the IMPROVE iT! system we have demonstrably managed to increase our work productivity.”
Jozef Zajac
mistr, CNC technologist, Ferrit s.r.o.

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